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The Gorges and Loup Valley from Grasse in France
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The Gorges and Loup Valley from Grasse

A stay on the Côte d'Azur would be incomplete without a trip to Grasse for an unforgettable sight, the crossing at the Gorges du Loup. Around 40 km, taking approximately 2 hours by car is required to be able to thoroughly explore and enjoy this part of the Alpes Maritimes department. Here is a suggested itinerary for you to follow from the town of Grasse, to be adapted according to your preferences or the time you have available.
Leave Grasse heading East on the D2085 road in the direction of Magagnosc. Once at Magagnosc visit the two churches there including the Chapel of Saint Michel which is definitely worth a look. Then take the D303 road to cross the Bar du Loup where you will find the village in a beautiful setting. Visit the old village with its winding alleys and the Chateau of the Lords of Grasse that dates from the 16th Century. The Church of Saint Jacques and its view are worth a quick stop before heading for the crossing at Gorges du Loup.

Gorges du Loup

Crossing the Gorges du Loup

The Loup River actually has its source in the Audibergue Mountains, or the pre-alps of Grasse. After Bar sur Loup you will come to a crossing where the ‘Gorges du Loup’ actually starts. Before, this used to be a railway line between Nice and Draguignan, in the Var. Nowadays the bridge no longer exists. Enter the Gorge using the small D6 road. Before the second tunnel you will find the Courmes Falls which are definitely worth a visit for some lovely photographs. This waterfall has a height of 40 metres. Leave your car and set off on foot to visit the entrance to the Saut du Loup and see the lovely natural bowl shaper lake named the ‘Great Cauldron’ (le Grand Marmite) as well as the waterfalls named ‘Les Demoiselles’. Take the time to climb up to the village of Courmes to the place called Bramafan. From the village of Courmes you can take the pleasant hiking path to reach the summit of Courmettes or Puy de Tourrettes. If you continue along the Gorge du Loup you will come to the junction of the roads D3 and D2. From there you have the choice of either visiting the village of Gréolières or that of Coursegoules, both inland villages of the Vence district. 

 Gorges du Loup - Saut du Loup

During your crossing of the ‘Gorges du Loup’, you will have the opportunity to climb to the magnificent village of Gourdon that offers an unbelievable view over the Côte d'Azur. See our Guide to Gourdon for more information. Visit the Gorges du Loup and enjoy the cool temperature! However before the Gorges du Loup, the village of Tourrettes sur Loup is a destination you shouldn’t miss on the Côte d'Azur. It is one of the most beautiful inland villages of the area around Nice and Antibes. Choose holiday rental accommodation around Grasse to be close to the Gorges du Loup. If you wish to be closer to the sea then look for seasonal accommodation near Antibes


Gourdon - Gorges du Loup